Product Categories

Isomass Scientific maintains Four product categories: Isotopic Analysis, Elemental and Trace Analysis, and Laboratory and Ancillaries and Rock and Mineral Preparation. Isotopic Analysis covers the Thermo range of isotopic mass spectrometers from the Delta V stable isotope instrument to the Neptune Plus multi-collector ICP-MS.

The Elemental and Trace Analysis category includes the FlashSmart Elemental Analyser with an advanced analytical platform for CHNS-O elemental analysis and Nitrogen/Protein determination. At the other end of the analytical scale we have the Element 2 high resolution ICP-MS and DFS organic high resolution GC/MS from
Thermo, which provide ultra high sensitivity trace analysis.

Laboratory and Ancillaries includes the Cetac Photon Machines laser systems and Analab hotplates and laboratory products. This category also includes the Scientific Instrument Services (SIS) consumables for mass spectrometers, GCs, HPLCs and vacuum systems, as well as Elemental Microanalysis’ (EML) consumables for elemental analyzers.

Rock and Mineral Preparation systems are manufactured by Selfrag AG of Switzerland. SELFRAG’s revolutionary systems are used to liberate minerals for analysis, fragment materials for processing and disaggregate products for recycling.